New Free Net10 Phones 2012

net10 huawei ascend ii unlimitedIt’s not a free phone, but it’s a really nice one–the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Android was just released and is available on Net10’s official site.  You can find it at very good prices around the web–all you need to do is look.

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Net10 has a few great phone deals going on right now.  Well, you have to decide for yourself whether or not you like the phones, but the fact that they’re free is great.

Get a freewet10 LG 300G bar with purchase of a $25 refill card

Get a free Samsung T201G flip phone with purchase of a $25 refill card

Get a free Net10 Samsung T401G with purchase of a $25 refill card

All of these deals come with a free accessory kit (case, car charger, headset).

See all of the current Net10 sales available online at

Latest deal on Samsung Proclaim.


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