Net10 Unlimited

The Net10 Unlimited prepaid plan gives users unlimited talk, unlimited text/picture messaging, unlimited web browsing, unlimited email use (which I particularly love), and unlimited calls to 411 (see all details at  I love that you can get 411 calls for no charge because I use that feature a lot even though it’s not that hard to go online to find the phone number for most destinations.  Sometimes, 411 is just a lot easier.  The Net10 Unlimited plan is a solid plan and one of several good plans out there.  One of the other ones is the Straight Talk unlimited plan.  Straight Talk and Net10 are both owned by TracFone, so there are some similarities in the plans but also some differences.  While the Net 10 Unlimited program costs $50, there is another one that is significantly less expensive and might be good enough for your needs.  For $25, you can get 750 Net10 minutes, which is definitely a good fit for some folks.  But if you need more out of your phone, Net10 unlimited is absolutely an option.  See more information about Net10 phones.

net10 unlimited

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