Net10 Phone Options

It’s tough out there. It’s always worthwhile to learn how to save a buck and to put in the effort to actually save that buck.

This is a reason why prepaid cell phones, such as the ones offered by Net10, may be a good thing to consider. Here’s the deal: if you can save money with a prepaid plan and get similar service to what you already get, then it’s probably a good choice to go with the prepaid plan.

Net10 phones seem to be a VERY good option for people who use their cell phones for the very basic things like calling and texting. Net10 phones tend not to be the right fit for people who want a sexy phone that can do everything for them including starting up their car and opening their garage doors.

I’m only half-kidding. You would be surprised by some of the things smartphones can do these days. They are like a tiny little sidekick or life partner in your pocket. That being said, Net10 phones may still be an option for you if you use over 250 minutes of talk time per month, but that is the sweet spot.

One of the cool things about Net10 phones–and this is something that will resonate greatly with people who like to get the best deals possible and those who like to save money right at the point of purchase–is that you get free talk time with any Net10 prepaid phone purchase.

Net10 phones all start with 300 minutes of talk time, which is a $30 value. So if you choose one of the phones that costs $30 or under, then you will literally be getting the phone for free. It’s pretty cool.

iphone-6-straight-talkBut, as I mentioned above, Net10 is for people who aren’t expecting an TON of functionality beyond a standard cell phone. If you need an epic phone that will do your laundry for you, then steer clear of Net10.

But if you’re looking for a basic phone (or even an extra emergency phone for your car), then add Net10 phones to your short list. Net10 really fills a certain niche in the cell phone service business and saves a lot of people money, which is sort of the point.

There are quite a few phones in the Net10 lineup. Below are three that I have chosen out of the phones available, each one in a different price range.

The first phone is the Motorola V171. Okay, so this phone is a super basic flip phone that looks like it’s from 1999, but hey, we can still party like it’s 1999 even though it’s 2010. This Net10 phone has a color screen, alarm clock, currency converter (like you’re going to need that), and has an approximate standby time of 13 days. The phone costs only $19.99 and comes with 300 minutes of talk time that can be used over a period of 60 days.

The second phone is the Motorola W375G, which is the phone I have had for the past year and a half. It is also a very basic phone but is sort of like the missing link between the V171 and the Motorola RAZR, even though I think the W375 is better than the RAZR.

This phone will set you back $59.99, which isn’t too bad. And remember, you get the $30 worth of talk time to start. This phone is a good midrange option and should do whatever you need a phone to do. I really like this model and it has given me no problems.

The third phone is the Samsung R451C, which is a higher end model than most of the other Net10 phones. The R451C has a slide-out, full QWERTY keypad, which is good for people who like to send frequent text messages, since it makes the process a whole lot easier.

This phone, which costs $79.99, also gives you access to the mobile web and has a 1.3 megapixel camera. Another added bonus with this phone is that text messages cost the special rate of 3 cents, rather than 5. It sounds like a small thing, but the savings on text messages can really add up, as anyone who has kids with cell phones can tell you.

Also, you’re going to want to feast your eyes on the brand new Samsung Galaxy SII, which is definitely the best phone for Net10 that’s ever been available.  There are some third party phones that can be used with the Net10 sim cards that give you all the flexibility you need in order to get things rolling with your net10 prepaid phone.  You can see all of these different options on the official partner page of Net10.

One of the more exciting things to happen to Net10 lately is the introduction of its first Android phones, LG Optimus Q and Optimus Net.  Learn more about these phones by reading more articles on our site!

Here are 5 Reasons to Get a Net10 Phone.  This is a good place to start!

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