Net10 Phone Deals: Free Phones, Free Android Shipping

lg optimus q net10 phoneSee one of the hottest prepaid phone deals from Net10 here.

See all of the current new Android phones online at, including the brand new Samsung Proclaim (a phone that runs on Verizon’s network!)

New Android Update:  Net10 has released its best Android phone yet, the LG Optimus Black, a phone with a really nice screen (in fact that’s what really jumps out at you at first), a nice camera (5 megapixels), and a great sleek look.  Black has a really easy to use interface that in some ways reminds you of an iPhone.  Optimus Black comes with the unlimited Net10 plan!  You also get free shipping.  Learn more here.

Net10 has a couple of free phone deals running right now that you should know about.  If you’re a current Net10 customer or a future customer, these are a couple of nice offers to consider.  There are three current free phones.  The way you get the free phone is by purchasing a $25 service card (which is equal to 750 minutes).  One of the phones actually comes with some free accessories too, which is a nice little addition to an already pretty good deal.  See all details at

The free Net10 phones are the Samsung t401g, Samsung t201g, and the LG 300G phone.  All have their strengths and weaknesses, but it’s safe to say that they will get the job done for you.  They are not glamorous, but hey, they’re free, and that’s why you’re reading this article.

Net10 Promotion #2:  Maybe you want a little something more from your phone than what these basic free phones have to offer (nothing against the free phones, it’s just that some people want better phones).  If you do, then have a look at the two brand new Net10 Android phones, LG Optimus Net and LG Optimus Q.  Both are very nice looking phones and both are Android phones, which means you can have all the best apps from the Android Marketplace on your prepaid phones.

With these Android phones, you can use the Unlimited Net10 plan, which gives you unlimited text, talk, and web.  Not a bad deal at all.  And right now if you purchase an Android phone from Net10, you get free overnight shipping.  There are some really good Net10 Androids out now.  You can see them all at the official website or you can find some really good NEt10 deals at

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