Net10 Android Phones Released

Net10 now has two Android phones available for sale on its official website.  Well, they’re not quite released, but they will be any day now.  There is a special page where you can reserve your Net10 Android phone.  In fact, there are two Net10 Androids to choose from.  One of them is the LG Optimus Net and the other one is the LG Optimus Q.  Both of them look like good options and work with the Net10 Unlimited $50 prepaid plan.  You can’t beat the power of an Android phone matched up with the freedom of a prepaid phone plan.

See both of these phones at Amazon

Which Net 10 Android do you prefer?  “Net” or “Q”?  Have a look, decide, and let me know in a comment below.  I like getting this kind of feedback from my readers because it helps me help more people make better informed decisions on their next phone purchase.  Don’t you love prepaid Android phones?  I know I do.  More at Amazon.

net10 android lg black optimus phoneSamsung Galaxy SII is one of the best Net10 phones available at the moment. I say it’s the “best” because it’s the highest quality not just because it’s the most expensive.  Another interesting development in Net10 Wireless news is the availability of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  You can buy this third party phone and use it with the $50 unlimited plan.  Pretty darn good deal I would say, but you have to shell out a decent amount of money up front for this phone and $50 per month (which isn’t that bad really.)

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