Free Straight Talk Phones and Discounted Phones

TracFone is one of the best and most popular prepaid companies in the country.  TracFone sells a lot of phones and phone plans every year and it also owns Net10 and Straight Talk.  This is not Net10 news per se, but I thought it would be worthwhile to mention that Straight Talk has a few free phone deals going on currently.  All you have to do to get the free Straight Talk phone is head over the official website and pay for one month of talk time (which you have to do anyways in order to use your phone).

There are three free phones available right now.  See them all at the official website.

Get a free phone at

There have also recently been added a few steals for reconditioned Straight Talk phones.  Right now you can get the Samsung t404g (recon) for only $20.  You can get the Nokia E71 smart 3g phone for only $49.99 (recon), so there are some deals to be had.  Definitely have a look at the official ST site (  FYI, Straight Talk is owned by the same parent company that owns Net10.


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